There’s No News Like Snow News


A lot has been going on lately. Here’s the news:


His current church calling is YM Priest Quorum Advisor. He’s never had a calling with the Young Men before and is enjoying getting to know the boys, teaching, and planning fun activities. They are currently taking CERT classes for their Tuesday night activity. He’s excited for the High Adventure outings they will have this summer.

He’s thoroughly involved in his current passion: photography. He listens to podcasts, studies techniques and other photographers’ work, practices, works on the webpage, and talks about photography pretty much constantly. When he wants to learn something new, he learns it inside-out and upside-down. Much to my (and others’) advantage.


It’s been really busy around here with the normal stuff of keeping up with the kids and keeping the house in order. But on top of that I’m still working a few hours a week at home for my brother-in-law’s HVAC business. It’s year-end and tax time, which is always very busy. Plus, trying to keep Rob leashed in on his aforementioned passion is a full-time job itself! But I do enjoy photography very much also and am getting things in order for this little side-job of ours.

My current church calling is cubmaster and it is so much fun! I was a girl scout and have always enjoyed learning new things and all that cool stuff. The boys are great and make me really happy when they recruit their non-member friends into scouting. It’s an inspired program and does much good for boys and families.


After many difficult months, we finally found out why Nate’s been acting up so much. After seeing a pediatrician, two audiologists, and an otorlaryngologist, we found out that for at least the last year (since his first known ear infection) he’s only been hearing at a level HALF of what is normal. Put your fingers in your ears and that’s how he hears when people speak to him. Put in some background noise and he hardly hears at all.

To further illustrate, I did my own test with the tv volume today. I normally have the volume at a level of 35 so I turned it down to 17 and I had to really listen to hear what was going on. I then turned it up to 70 and his little face lit right up and he laughed!! It just about made me cry! It was so loud to my ears, that I can hardly stand to be in the same room. When I didn’t know this was a problem for him, if I thought it was too loud, I’d tell him so and then turn it way down. So for the last year he’s been watching tv and/or movies without hardly a sound!!! It’s just incredible! But I’ve been turning it up loud for him all day and he’s repeating everything they say and laughing more.

Him not being able to hear is why he acted up so much both at home and in social situations. He always seemed bored (DUH!) and ambivalent (DUH!). His favorite thing to do was to run around screaming and making all kinds of really loud noise. He would seem ignorant or defiant when given instructions. Before Rob and I knew, we’d often get to the point of frustration with him and raise our voices and that’s when he finally listened. Not because we were upset, but because that’s just at the point he could hear us! It BREAKS my heart to know that so many times we’d be frustrated with him and he didn’t know why!!

We now talk very loudly directly to him or (or talk quieter right into his ear when surroundings require it) and he understands and obeys perfectly. His behavior has been so much better already.

Thankfully, the problem is easily fixed with tubes in his ears and his adenoids taken out. Since this all happened during such a critical stage of speech development he may have to see a speech pathologist. Another clue that he wasn’t hearing was delayed, mumbled, barely understandable speech (which we didn’t worry about too much because of similar speech of some of his cousins. They just grew out of it on their own).

His surgery is happening at the end of the week. If you see him before then, please remember to talk so he can hear you. We’re so excited for him to be able to hear all the things he’s been missing out on!! He won’t feel so isolated and bored and frustrated. He will be able to hear music, conversation, trains, animals, toys, his favorite movies, instructions, compliments, and so many other wonderful things.

We love Nathan so much and are so sorry he’s had to miss out on so much this last year. We promise we’ll make it up to him.


Okay, now on to some news that doesn’t make me cry. Madeleine learned how to walk this week!! After practicing for 2 months, she can do it at only 10 months old without any coaxing from her parents. She didn’t need any. Her big brother was her inspiration. How else will she ever be able to keep up with him? She was very motivated and just did it all on her own. While she was practicing she’d fall over and over again but it never deterred her. She never cried but just got right back up and went for it again. It’s sooooo cute to see her little body stepping forward with both arms straight out at her side. We love it.

I told you a lot has been going on lately! Thanks for all your love and friendship. I’m very grateful to my Heavenly Father for all my blessings. My little family means the world to me. They are my first priority. I pray that I will be worthy of and heed the guiding spirit so I can help lead them back home. Nate and Madeleine are such sweet children of God. Rob is my best friend in the world and I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of eternity with him. I love you all!

Here are a couple snapshots from last Sunday’s playtime.

7 thoughts on “There’s No News Like Snow News

  1. The Snow News family sounds like such a busy family. I hope that Nathan isbetter now. He will have the operation this week end and I will be thinking ofhim. I know he will be OK. So little Madeline has started to walk. It wont belong and she will run. Time goes so fast for little ones and they advance ina hurry with all the things they can do. Julie I remember when you, your Dad and Mom came to see us in El Sobrante? You could barely see over the coffee table but look at you now (a song). It was so cute when you tried to hang on to the coffee table watching us and probably trying to figure out who we all were. Love, Grandma

  2. You will notice such a difference with his speech after he has his surgery. It was the same with Braeden, only when they got in his ear my bro-in-law has him tested and found out he had high frequency hearing loss. Thankfully they caught it soon enough and now you could never tell anything was ever wrong with him. Keep a close watch on him though. McCall and Ethan who both had tubes are perfectly fine but Braeden has had the worst ear problems after the tubes had fallen out, he is our bad ear guy (even my bro in law has said he hasn’t seen anyone with ears as bad as Braeden’s- and being an ENT he has seen a ton of ears). The surgery is such a quick one he’ll be out before you know it. The greatest thing is he will be able to understand you guys and be a much more plesant child. Good luck, our prayers are with you and your cute family. By the way, you do awesome with scouts, we appreciate all you have done for the boys. Both my boys will be advancing at the next pack meeting, and we need to set up an arrow of light for Christian, he has earned that also (but probably not this next month at Classic, maybe in March) Thanks again Julie for everything you do in scouts-both Joe and I really appreciate it.

  3. Poor Nathan. I am so glad that it is something that can be fixed. He is such a great kid. I can’t believe Madeleine is walking already. Joseph is pretty close. He is just a little scared:) I am glad to hear that you and Rob are doing well. Love ya,Breanna, Gene, and Joseph

  4. Thank goodness you found out what the problem was! And thank goodness it’s easily fixed. Good luck with the surgery and everything.Wow! Walking at 10 months! What an ambitious little girl. You guys better watch out– your kids are gonna keep you active your entire lives it looks like!

  5. Oh Julie, I am so glad you found out what was wrong. My younger sister had the same issues, but she required a hearing aid. It took them until kindergarten to find out. I am so glad you guys found out sooner, and he will be so much happier I am sure. You will be in our prayers for the surgery!!

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