Questionnaire – Family Edition

I thought I’d do a little family questionnaire as a fun way to write down some of our current interests/dislikes, etc. Feel free to copy this and post it on your blog!

What website do you spend the most time on?
Rob: rjsnowphotography
Julie: blogger
Nathan: pbs kids
Madeleine: Same as mom and dad’s

On a limitless menu, what would you order?
Rob: A real French baguette
Julie: University Grill’s gyro
Nathan: Cookies and chocolate milk
Madeleine: Cookies

What was the last book you read?
Rob: The Princess Bride
Julie: Geography textbook
Nathan: I’m Dirty!
Madeleine: Little People’s Firefighters

What is your most embarrassing habit?
Rob: Letting my nose hairs get too long
Julie: Chomping on my gum
Nathan: Licking people and things
Madeleine: Puking on others

If you could trade places with anyone for 1 week, who would it be?
Rob: Carter Beauford, Dave Matthews Band drummer
Julie: Wendy Perrin, from Conde Nast Travel Magazine
Nathan: Curious George
Madeleine: Nathan

What’s your favorite movie song?
Rob: Axel F, from Beverly Hills Cop
Julie: Theme from Pride and Prejudice
Nathan: Thomas the Tank Engine theme song
Madeleine: Curious George theme song

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Rob: Software writing
Julie: Read people’s minds
Nathan: Run faster than fast
Madeleine: Rubber arms so I could reach anything I want

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Rob: Pay off debt and buy a new camera
Julie: Pay off debt and travel the world
Nathan: Buy all the cookies at the store and lots of Disney movies
Madeleine: Throw it and chew on it a little

What makes you angry?
Rob: When technology doesn’t work
Julie: Not feeling like I’m accomplishing my goals
Nathan: Madeleine playing with my toys when I’m not feeling generous
Madeleine: Nathan not sharing his cookies

How would you describe yourself in 3 words (or phrases)?
Rob: Happy, obsessive, easily distracted
Julie: Hard worker, moody, curious
Nathan: Fun, loud, cuddly
Madeleine: Explorer, impatient, smiley

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