Nate with New Toy

The kids have been a handful lately.

As a friend put it, “Nathan is a whirlwind!”

I thought him turning 3 would make things a little easier, but it’s actually been worse. Tantrums upon tantrums. Not sharing at all. Absolute refusal to use the potty. Completely ignoring me and Rob when we tell him to do something. Utterly chaotic a few times a day. And he’s experimenting with lying.

Madeleine is teething and trying to eliminate her afternoon nap.

Like I said. Oy.

On the plus side, they are both loving, fun little kids that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Nathan’s being tested by the audiologist again on Friday. His left ear failed the hearing test a few weeks ago and they want to check it again, hoping it was just fluid in his ear. We wouldn’t mind a couple of prayers on his behalf. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Oy

  1. Your blog is AMAZING! The other day I heard some of the ladies in the suntrails ward talking about how creative your blog is. They were right. I love the pictures!

  2. Denise,Thanks for your comment. It sounds exactly like Nathan. He does talk like he’s under water and is LOUD. I just hope we know for sure on Friday so we can get the issue resolved.

  3. When Braeden was young his hearing was checked and he failed his tests (every time they checked he failed them) so finally we had tubes put in his ears-what a difference it made. His ears were so full of fluid my brother (his ENT) called it “glue ear”. As soon as they cut it open to insert the tube-gooey stuff started coming out. The tubes made an IMMENSE difference. Before he got his tubes they said he was hearing things like he was underwater and so that was how he was talking (I really have no clue if Nathan has problem with his speech-come to think of it) but like I said the tubes made a huge difference. My nephew also got tubes and his loudness toned down a TON. I think when you can’t hear properly it can affect how you interact with others. Sorry this is so long. Hopefully they can find what is wrong so his ears aren’t filled with that blasted fluid. Good Luck. Oh and don’t worry about the potty-I’ve learned they go when they are good and ready-before that you’re just training yourself.

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