Foto Friday – Star of Bethlehem

It’s been a couple of months (sad!) since I’ve taken any “artsy” photos. Obviously, since it’s Christmas, I wanted to photograph something that pertains to this beautiful season, but something a little more abstract than the usual holiday pictures.

Last week Rob showed me a picture from a photography blog that he follows. I thought it was cool and decided I should try something like that. I knew just the place. Layton Park has a huge setup of Christmas lights, which is perfect! It satisfies my theme plus works perfectly with the technique I was curious to try.

I bundled up and after showing me how to adjust the shutter speed, Rob wished me luck (secretly, I don’t think he thought I’d have any!). I walked around the park, pinkie fingers frozen, excitedly getting what I thought would turn out to be fun shots.

For the technical junkies out there, the shutter speed that worked the best for me was 1 second and then I oh-so-slightly moved the camera in different patterns. These shots are actually very cropped in order to get such detail. I’m amazed that they are so crisp. I guess that wasn’t so technical after all.

So, without further adieu, I present “Lightwebs” (Slideshow and Gallery).

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Star of Bethlehem

  1. Julie,These are great! These look like what designers are looking for in the homes they decorate. You should think of a way to show them on the Internet—maybe you’ll get a bite!

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