Things I Could Be Doing Instead of Blogging


So why am I sitting here instead of doing one of those million things??? Because I do stuff all day long and there’s ALWAYS more to do. So sue me for wanting to chill.

There’s so much on my mind that I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep tonight; which is one of the most frustrating things ever. So I was going to write a bunch of my thoughts down with hopes of getting it all out of my brain before bed. But there’s just too much. It would take me hours.

So instead, I guess I’ll go finish cleaning the kitchen. That way it’s ready to get dirty again tomorrow at 7am. At least this way I won’t feel like I’ve wasted a spare moment. That would be tragic.

I’ll hope for the best with bedtime.

One thought on “Things I Could Be Doing Instead of Blogging

  1. I know the feeling. I hope you slept okay last night. I am way excited to see you guys at Thanksgiving. We are going to be down there for the whole week so lets get together.

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