An Hour in the Afternoon and a Walk in the Dark

I find it interesting that children seem to have very specific needs from each parent on a one-on-one basis at such a young age.  I spent some fun time with each of my kids today and I just wanted to write it down and share. 

This afternoon while Julie was at a meeting for scouts and Nate was sleeping (the poor guy was pretty sleepy) I spent an incredibly rewarding hour with Madeleine.  After feeding Mad a bottle she wanted to play with my face for a while (this was really fun).  Then I helped her stand up (she really loves standing up these days) to face me and we engaged in a laughing and giggling competition.  Then we both got down on the floor to crawl around, push books around, put things in our mouths (this was mostly Mad), laughing, giggling, smiling, and just goofing off.  We had a fabulous time.  I think she really enjoyed spending time with her dad without competing with her brother.  Madeleine has been mobile for a couple of weeks now and she has already moved past the crawling stage and started pulling herself up on things and is most happy when we are helping her walk.  What a cute and ambitions little girl.

After playing with Madeleine we (Mad and I) went upstairs to wake up Nate from his afternoon nap.  Nate was groggy and just wanted us to go outside and play.  Well, it was pretty cold and wet outside and I didn’t really want to take Mad out either.  I explained to Nate that Mom would be home soon, that we would make and eat dinner, it would get dark, then he and I would take a walk outside in the dark with a flashlight!  He thought that was a pretty cool idea and was excited about it for the rest of the afternoon/evening.  Finally dinner was over and it was time to go out.  Nate wore miss-matched shoes, I wore socks with sandals (terrible I know), we both wore long sleeve shirts and sweaters, and we were armed with one maglight. 

We walked slowly around our area, examining leaves, dead bugs, trees (Nate really liked illuminating the (pokey) trees and declaring their existence to me), water, storm-water grates, the sidewalk, and occasional basket ball hoops.  The world looks very different in the dark and Nate had a blast discovering anything and everything from that point of view.  We got cold after a while so we came home to sit on the couch under a blanket to get warm and watched the rest of a dinosaur movie to relax.  Nate is so creative and interested in everything around him.  At one point he identified a bush as a tree and we went back and forth a few times trying to decide if it was really a tree or a bush.  LOL, I really love that kid.

I have two great kids and I love them both so much.

2 thoughts on “An Hour in the Afternoon and a Walk in the Dark

  1. I am thankful every single day for such an adorable father for my kids! I just read this again and it brought tears to my eyes. I love you, Rob!

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