The Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side in Logan (7 of 21)

How many of you have heard the Dark Side of the Moon live? A few weeks ago my brother Kelly and I went up to our family’s italian restaurant LeNonne (their food is absolutely amazing) in Logan to hear precisely that. The evening was complete with awesome food, friends, family, and of course awesome music. My cousin’s husband PierAntonio is the owner and executive chef of LeNonne and the bass player of the jazz band Hot Karl and the 3rd Street Band – no web page. 😦

A few times a year they get together with a few extra musicians and perform the entire dark side album. They are all extremely talented musicians and their combined skills along with projected graphics and sound effects combined to created a great performance and experience. Kelly and I had a great time.

While enjoying the music I snapped several pictures of all the cool musicians – if I qualify musicians with the adjective cool, does that imply that some of them were not cool and that I don’t have any pictures of them? I hope I got them all! While shooting these photos I envisioned a very dark and grainy representation so I took a bunch of slightly to somewhat underexposed images at a high ISO and I think I was pretty successful at complimenting that feel with my post processing edits (let me know what you think). You can find the pictures here and a slideshow here; please enjoy them. Well done to the band!

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