Rob & Julie Before the 10-Year

Rob's 10-Year Reunion-14 

On August 15th of this year we attended my (Rob) 10-Year Reunion – you can always count on a reunion to help you feel old. We had a fairly good time at the reunion.  I got to see a bunch of friends (Dee, Mel, Erica, and Wyatt and Lacey) which was really nice.  We sat next to Wyatt and Lacey and we had a really good time hanging out with them. 

I graduated from West Jordan High School TEN freaking years ago! It is sort of weird to be this old but I can’t complain one bit about how my life has turned out.  I have an amazing wife, great kids, a challenging calling at church, a stimulating career (most of you probably don’t consider dirt and earthquakes to be stimulating…but I do), photography, travel, and UTA.

Since we were all dressed up and going to a nice place for the reunion (Gardner Village in West Jordan), Julie and I decided to try our hand at taking some self portraits.  With a lot of teamwork, about 20 minutes, and of course our sexy subjects, we took a bunch of really good pictures.  See the complete set here (or slideshow).  I had such a good time with Julie on this photoshoot.  We have great chemistry and it is just so rewarding to share a fun hobby. Enjoy the photos!

4 thoughts on “Rob & Julie Before the 10-Year

  1. What an awesome slideshow. You guys did very well on the self portraits. What a beautiful photoshoot. You guys are so cute and creative.

  2. Beautiful photos, you guys. We should do a family photo trade where we take each other’s family photos. I am NEVER in the photos because I am always behind the camera and I am too cheap to pay somebody for quality photos because I can do it myself…except for the family photos. What do you think? Do you want to do a trade sometime?

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