Foto Friday – Unexpected

Foto Friday - Unexpected

Taken with Nikon D40 on Alcatraz, California on January 26, 2008. Aperture Exposure Mode, 55mm, 1/80 sec f/5.6, ISO 200, Nikon Raw Format. Edited in Lightroom 2.0.

Quick post for you today.  This photo is appropriate for a quick post because really did very little to prepare the print.  I shot this photo at dusk in San Francisco Bay while heading up the hill to visit the penitentiary known as Alcatraz.  I was very taken aback by all the beauty (plants and wildlife) on the island and by the beautiful San Francisco Bay. I took this shot at dusk and I was really loving the amazing light that was just filling up the bay!  I must say that I was not expecting to take many pretty photographs on our visit to Alcatraz.

I got this silhouette shot just right by exposing for the background and not using a flash.  In post-processing I simple adjusted the black point of the photo using the curves adjustment in Lightroom 2 (it’s out of beta now by the way) and ever so gently tweaking the blues to make it look like it did back on the island. 

After adding our logo and a border I exported the image as an sRBG jpeg file at a resolution of 360ppi (optimal for printing). Hope you enjoyed this quick post and be sure to enjoy yourself behind the lens!


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