Foto Friday – Millions of Moments

Millions of Moments

This week I chose to feature “Millions of Moments.” I took this shot in May of 2007 in St. George, Utah at Sand Dunes Trail in Snow Canyon. We went there to explore and it was so much fun to play in the soft, red sand. Here is an old post about that trip.

Anyway, I like this shot because in the hands (Rob’s) you can see teeny, individual sand grains…or moments. As they fall, the grains stream together creating a lifetime. When the lifetime seems to end, it actually becomes part of a huge sand dune, or eternity. I also love seeing Rob’s wedding ring in the shot, as that is a symbol of an eternal covenant that we have made.

Each of us is on a journey created by millions of seemingly unimportant, miniscule moments. But just as there would be no dune without grains, our eternal life would be non-existent without each moment.

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