Things That Bum Me Out…And Things That Don’t

Things that bum me out:

  1. Student Loans coming due in a couple of months.
  2. Having to wrestle my 2-yr-old and hold him down in order to give him his nightly shot while he screams “No Ow! No Ow!”
  3. My little girl trying to sit up. This means she’s already growing up and I still want my baby!!
  4. People assuming (including us back in the day) that engineers made lots of money. They only do if they’re workaholics.
  5. Our neighbor who lets her little kids play outside on the driveway at 10pm while Nate’s 2 hours overdue for bedtime. He actually falls asleep against his bedroom window while watching them play and they laugh at him.
  6. I’ve been craving Chicken Enchilada Soup for almost a month and finally got around to making it tonight. I bought the wrong enchilada sauce and the soup just tasted like corn flour.
  7. The alcove where the computer sits never feels the effect of air conditioning. I always feel like I’m baking when I’m here.
  8. My knees hurt when I crouch down. I think it’s from the extra weight during pregnancy, but Rob told me it’s because I’m getting old.
  9. My stomach still looking like a raisin.
  10. A friend at church asked me today where Rob and I are planning on going next on a trip. I had to answer that we don’t have any plans and don’t know when we will have any.
  11. My hair. I have inch-long roots, my bangs are always in my eyes, I hate fixing it so it’s always in a ponytail except when I want to be extra cool and put it in a bun. Also, since having my baby it’s falling out in droves and I am constantly picking stray hairs off of me.
  12. All the time and effort it’s taken me to plan day camp for cub scouts. It’s just a few hours long, yet I’ve spent days and days working on it.

Things that don’t:

  1. All four of us got a Sunday afternoon nap today.
  2. Nate pronounces “black” like “BLLEEAAHH!” It sounds like he’s throwing up.
  3. I’ve had a lot of fun the last few months with playdates, girls’-nights out with friends, and sister times.
  4. I get to go shopping for a cute new shirt to wear to Rob’s 10-year high school reunion.
  5. All the nice comments we get from people (both in person and emailed) regarding our blog and photographs.
  6. Madeleine being such a happy, smiley baby who takes her naps and goes to bed like a perfect little angel.
  7. Nathan finally learning more and more words. He averages about 2 new words a day now.
  8. Rob’s company is now offering the UTA Eco Pass for $45 a year. This will save us about $150 a month in gas!
  9. Rob did the “slip ‘n slide” the other day. See them big: Nate, Rob, Nate & Rob.
  10. Somehow Nate knowing the difference between a duck and a goose. I have no idea where he learned it, but he did.
  11. Being able to talk to Rob for hours at night if I want to. His homework is finally over and I don’t have to stress about keeping him from it.
  12. I have the most wonderful little family ever. We are all healthy, happy, and grateful for all the precious time we get to spend together.

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