I’m a pretty mellow guy regarding many things and I even try to hold my tongue when something is getting to me or I disagree (I said try). Despite my best efforts, there are some things in the world that bug me and I am forced to take a stand against them. The following items are listed in inverted quantum order.

Northbound traffic on I-15 in Davis County (the guy I carpool with is calling for a plague). Why do I live in Layton? Hopefully it will be much better this fall (Legacy & new lane on I-15 finally open – thanks for screwing Legacy up x-governor Leavitt).

When people set their blogs up so music plays back automatically and the controller is at the bottom of the freaking page! (some of my friends do this, yikes!, thank heaven for rss). The controller should be located at the top of the page and set so the visitor can decide to listen or not to listen to the music. I’m already listening to music! I don’t want to listen to yours.

Myspace.com. Ugly, ugly, ugly. The user interface is reminiscent of a giant bag of crap. Did I mention ugly?

Reckless drivers. These people believe that their amusement or schedule is more important that the life and safety of other PEOPLE (children, husbands, wives, friends, etc). Be safe!

The U.S. Customary System of Units. This one deserves its own post.

When my gym (Clearfield Aquatic Center) doesn’t hold spinning classes after 7:30 (this happens all summer). Grrrrr.

Always losing my sunglasses. After about two months I think Julie hides each pair while planning to make some kind of modern art when she collects an adequate number. Enough already, can’t we use sporks instead?

Cities that don’t have a good recycling plan. This means you Layton City! At least do curbside! Murray city sorts through all the trash and separates recyclable materials. That is awesome!

Red Eye in digital photographs. Come on, it really isn’t that hard to remove red eye.  Try Picasa or Photoshop Express (both are free).

Email forwards are also quite a problem for me. I take great pains to keep my email addresses free from spam. Here is the scenario that I worry about. A message is sent with all the sender and all the addressee (friend, parent, sibling) information attached. Eventually this message comes to a sketchy individual that decides to sell the email addresses to a spammer. That is a really good way to get spam and as a sender you have every right to do so, but please spare us, your poor addressees. I don’t mind getting the forewords as some of them are quite funny; however, please add the addressee information to the bcc: field instead of the to: field.

To BCC or Not to BCC

This really irks me. So I often need to park on the street of our little townhome community. The other morning I found a large dent in me car near the fuel portal. I have a pretty good idea who did it because of where I was parked (across from the person’s driveway) and due to the presence of a mysterious dent in this persons bumper (this just happens to be at the right elevation too). So I’m trying to give the benefit of doubt but find it pretty tough. Regardless who is specifically responsible it really pisses me off the no one came forward to talk with me. I wasn’t parked at the mall, it was in my freaking neighborhood!

Well, this has been fun, please join me next time for another episode of rantophelia.

4 thoughts on “Rantophelia

  1. Rob, you said it. I cannot understand why so many addresses come along with a forward. I suallydelete them. I often wonder where they get MY address and send me a spam that I also delete withoutreading. It must be from one of the long addresses. It is annoying. Maria.

  2. Overruled!! 🙂So, I don’t why it is so difficult to use bcc: instead of to:. Is it really that much more complicated and convoluted to use one or the other? I think not!

  3. I hear you on all counts and all I have to say is “your honor I object”. Oh and Bcc field? C’mon Rob, really? You’re just dreaming.

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