Ma Cocotte

Julie and the Bay 

Perhaps you understand what that means and perhaps you are looking it up on Google.  It is one of Julianna’s many names.  Of course when I say, write, type, or think “Ma Cocotte,” a flood of powerful emotions inundate my thoughts.  To describe these emotions is very difficult as my thoughtful prose becomes powerless to convey how much I love my dear Julianna.  So I’ll take another approach; the addition of my favorite photographs of Julie taken over the last few years to some of my thoughts just might give you a vague idea of my feelings for Ma Cocotte.

In the “Ma Cocotte” set I have prepared captions for each of the photographs of Julie.  These are just some of the thoughts I had about Julie as I reminisced about each moment and how Julie makes me happy. Click here to see a grid view of the photos and click on each photo to see a large view and read the captions.  Click here to view the slideshow.  To see the captions in the slideshow hover over the photo and click on the i that magically appears.  I hope you enjoy my favorite photos and my thoughts about my sweet wife Julianna. 

Julie, thank you for being everything I could ever want in a best friend, eternal companion, lover, wife, woman, and partner in crime!  Thanks for being the dynamic, fun, playful, intelligent, and sexy woman that you are!  You are appreciated every moment of every day.

2 thoughts on “Ma Cocotte

  1. Rob, I really liked the last blog you sent out about Julie. It is so good to hear a husband say suchwonderful things about his wife. Not many husbands can do that or wont. My husband was like thatand that is why I miss him so much. In the 51 years we got along so well.

  2. I just wanted to say that I thought this was very sweet and it is obvious how much you guys love each other. And by the way I really like both of your photography.–Tiffiany

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