Poetica at the Warped Tour! Right on!

My brothers band Poetica has been chosen by popular vote to play at the Vans Warped Tour this Saturday on the Ernie Ball Stage between 11 and 2.  Is that freaking sweet or what!  Here is the deal, 20 local band competed in the Salt Lake City area (and similarly in other areas) on the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands web site.  The top four were chosen to play at the Warped Tour and the band that grabs the 1st place spot (judged at the Warped Tour I think) will continue on to compete at the national level.

So come out and support Poetica at the Warped Tour!  Needless to say this is pretty cool and I’m proud of the great work that my brother and his band have done.  They are very talented as a group and as individuals.  We’ll see you at the show!  I’ll be the one behind the lens.

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