Shopping for Jeans…..Fun???

Typical scenario:

“Hey, I really need some new jeans. I’ll go shopping and have fun spending money and making my wardrobe cuter!”

2 hours later………

“ARRRGH!!! I hate this! Why can’t I find ONE pair of jeans out of the THIRTY that I tried on that fits well and makes me look cute???!!! I must be a freak.”

Sound familiar? (Please say yes, I don’t want to be the only one out there that this happens to, thus confirming my “freakness”.)

Here’s a webpage that is soooo fun because you can shop for jeans using your exact measurements, fit style, and fashion sense. You go through a series of questions and then get results personalized for you! It tells you exactly what brand, style, and size you need, how much they are, and where to get them. Make sure to click on the results links for additional information. PERFECTO!

Now I haven’t actually gone to buy any of the jeans yet. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed any, but I will as soon as I get out of maternity and post-maternity sizes. So if any of you end up trying on or buying a recommended pair, let me know how it goes!

The same webpage does dress pants and bras (I’m not EVEN going to go THERE)!!!

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