Squeak, Squeak

So you know that annoying asterisk that is always placed in front of any product or service claim? For example: “*33% More Free!” Have you ever followed the asterisk to find out what it’s for? Using the above example, the fine print usually says something like “When using a 1/4 cup of detergent rather than a 1/3 cup.” Duh! The fine print is often referred to “mouseprint” because it’s so small that no one but a mouse can read it.

There is a weekly blog post at http://www.mouseprint.org/ which uncovers the hidden terms and conditions in popular marketing campaigns. It even translates them, which is badly needed since only a lawyer can decipher half of the jargon.

Here’s one of my biggest personal pet peeves but isn’t on the mouseprint blog. What’s up with all the meals with chicken at the supermarket and fast food chains that say “with white meat chicken” when it’s hardly even chicken? Have you ever looked at the ingredients that are in parenthesis after chicken? It’s something like water, chicken POWDER (gross!), salt, chemical, chemical, chemical. I mean, that’s just wrong!! I seriously refuse to eat any fake chicken. Chicken comes from a bird, not a lab!

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