It’s All Over

I’ve had some annoying experiences trying to buy things online. The most annoying to me is when I find something I like for a price I like, I go to order it, and the shipping costs are horrendous…up to an extra 25% on top of the purchase price. For example: one day I was trying to order some maternity clothes that were for sale on Target’s webpage…then I noticed that it was going to cost me an extra $16.00 just to ship 3 shirts!! Insane! And don’t even think about ordering furniture online….those shipping costs will kill you. That’s one reason why I like to shop at where the shipping on your entire order (including furniture!) is $2.95!! Is that amazing or what?? The deal with Overstock is that they don’t necessarily sell the cheapest stuff out there, they sell higher quality stuff for the price that you would pay for normal quality or cheap stuff. Yesterday I bought a rainfall showerhead for $15.00 that retails for $40.00 plus only $2.95 shipping. Great deal. They also have really good deals on sheets and faucets and other things for the home. Have fun shopping!

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