Beautiful Blessing for a Beautiful Girl

Madeleine's Baby Blessing-13-2

Little Madeleine was blessed by her father on April 20, 2008. Some of the things she was blessed with are:

  • That she would have a strong understanding of her divine heritage;
  • That she would be immune from the influences of the world, especially when the world tells her that she’s not good enough;
  • That she would receive strength from her family, friends, and the gospel and know that she is a daughter of God;
  • That she’d have a desire to make sacred covenants, including baptism and a temple marriage;
  • That she would receive guidance from the Spirit when studying the scriptures, praying, and being kind to others;
  • That she would have a kind disposition and help others feel like the children of God that they are.

Wow! What a beautiful blessing! She’s so loved by her Father in Heaven and her family. We’re thankful for all the relatives who came to the blessing and supported us in this important event. We love you all.

Here are some pictures of her and her cousin, Joseph, who is 8 days older.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Blessing for a Beautiful Girl

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your blog. Your photos were fun to see, your daughter is Beautiful. Who is the amazing photographer; you or Rob? What very talented. I need to make arrangements to see you and pick up my crock pot.

  2. Thanks. She is really a cute girl and we love her very much. Nate is doing pretty well lately. He has not done anything mean for a while. He likes to get in her face which is really cute but sometimes he wants to put his weight on her which is bad. I think that he is just trying to play. Obviously we watch them like a hawk when they are together. I think they will get along pretty well. Pretty well for siblings, I should say.

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