Send your name to the Moon

The Bad Astronomer posted some info about a really cool side project of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. 

“The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is NASA’s next big mission to the Moon, and it will launch later this year. It carries an interesting suite of equipment: a camera that will have 50 cm resolution on the surface of the Moon (I’m hoping for Apollo rover shots!), a laser altimeter for mapping the lunar topology, a radiation detector to map out the radiation environment of the Moon, and more.

But there’s something else it can carry as well: your name. NASA is putting a microchip onboard LRO that will contain the names of anyone who submits them. Send them your own, or a relative, or someone you’re trying to impress.”

That is such a cool idea and I just had to share!!!  I signed the whole family up and you can see our certificates here on Flickr.  I also included my certificate below.

Robert Snow

One thought on “Send your name to the Moon

  1. You know when James Dohann (“scotty” from star trek) died they cremated him and then released his ashes in space. (don’t ask me how i know this)

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