Want to try Lightroom 2.0 until September?


If anyone would like to try the Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta (professional photo editing and workflow productivity software) until the end of August please let me know and I will send you an invite so you can participate in the Beta.  It is awesome software and this is a good opportunity to try it.

12 thoughts on “Want to try Lightroom 2.0 until September?

  1. don’t won’t to be annoying.. but have noone to turn to about this invite. Maybe you have one left for me ?Would really aprishiate it.my mail: sasko(at)email.sithanks a lot

  2. Note to all: If you find something that you think could be improved or really want to comment on how much you can’t live without a given feature, please comment in the lightroom beta forum.

  3. HiI was just about to test out Lightroom 2 and found my 30 days had run out, I would be very happy if you could forward me an invite.Thanks in advanceMike

  4. If you still have an invite left I would love to be able to try this for longer than 30 days. Thanks, Nick Atkinson

  5. Hi,if by any chance you still have an invitation left I would greatly appreciate one ( wtmax [at] live [dot] de). Thank you so very much in advance, best regards,Max

  6. I sure can. If you are using the 30 day trial on the 2.0 beta that is. This will not work on the 1.4 version. Julie and I have been using Lightroom for about 6 months now (I love it, I love it, I love it) and the beta version of 2.0 is open to current users until the end of august. To increase the base of beta testers Adobe allows current users to invite our friends to the full beta. I’ll get you a license for the full Beta. Just make sure that you’re using the trial of the beta 2.0 and not version 1.4.

  7. Well, thanks for the compliments but I don’t think “computer savvy” is what I am. Maybe just annoyingly motivated? And just for the record, I really enjoy all the pictures you put on the blog; they are really fun.

  8. wow! I haven’t been on in a few days! Love the new blog! You are super computer savvy- GEEZ! Make me a little embarrased…I can barely load up pictures!

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