Hard Drive Crash – Mozy to the Rescue

So a few months ago Julie and I decided that we really needed to get a backup solution that worked for our Main PC.  We have a lot of pictures, music, and a lot of other data that we just couldn’t afford to loose. Well, we tried a few services and finally selected MozyMozy is a completely online backup solution that backs up selected files and directories every night (that is how I set it up and can be customized easily). It works very well and we are very happy with the software UI and that it just works. The cost is 5 bucks per month.

Anyway, on Sunday afternoon the power went out for a few minutes.  When we booted the computer back up it didn’t work.  I tried a few things and I couldn’t get any thing to work.  I later discovered (my IT guys at work checked it out) that the boot sector and file system were completely hosed!  The drive must have been writing in the area when the power went out!  Crazy!  Luckily our data was backed up early that morning and we were completely up to date!

So I replaced the hard drive and I’m pleased to report that our data is actually on the Mozy servers and we have been able to retrieve our files!  All of them!  It took a little work to figure out how to get the files from Mozy but their live chat people quickly answered my questions and got me going.  They also offer to mail all the files on DVD but this option is very expensive so I choose to download the files.

So to all of you don’t have your files backed up (and that includes getting that information out of your house in case of fire, theft, or whatever) I strongly encourage Mozy.  Check them out!  They saved all our data!

One thought on “Hard Drive Crash – Mozy to the Rescue

  1. Can I just say how very grateful I am that Rob took the initiative a couple months ago to get this backup service??!! It’s totally saved so much heartache (from loosing pictures) and hassle (from loosing my sister’s business financial information). Thanks, Rob!!!!!

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