Photo Hiatus

Many have expressed frustration at my tardiness in posting pictures to Flickr and this blog. Although your frustration is noted you’ll need to continue to wait at least until next weekend. Here is why. So my birthday is coming up this week and I’m getting some cool photography equipment (Pantone Huey Pro Calorimeter, Gary Fong Diffuser). The calorimeter will calibrate my monitor so that I can get accurate colors on my screen in hopes that will turn into prints that looks like what I see on my monitor. Because of this I have decided to wait for it to come before I work on any more pictures.

Don’t worry, we have done a couple of really cute photo sessions with Madeleine that you’ll get to see soon. “Patience Daniel-Son.” We have a ton of photos that you can look at in the mean-time on Flickr so have fun browsing! I always do!

Stay tuned for the new photos and a updated information on the best method/lab to print our photos.

One thought on “Photo Hiatus

  1. Patience and tolerence were never 2 of my strong points…but wow!!! She is beautiful, and Julie looks GREAT!!!

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