Pictures of Madeleine Gail

I wanted to get some quick pictures up for you to see but I don’t have my photo editing software on my laptop because I don’t like to do that kind of work on it. I switched my camera to raw + jpeg mode so I would have a few pictures to put up here immediately. So please don’t judge these pictures too harshly. 🙂  Another strange thing is that flickr is blocked in this hospital so I have to put pictures in this post the old fashioned way!

Madeleine's Birth-10

We are so in love with our sweet little girl.  Nathan thought that his sister was pretty dang cool and seemed to understand that she is part of our family (at least I think he thought that). Julie is very tired but very satisfied and grateful for her little girl. We have such a sweet little family and it feels good to be 4 strong.

Madeleine's Birth-6

Thank you for all the encouragement and we love you all.  I’ll be sure to keep updating information here and I’ll get some really good looking photos up on flickr in a few days.

Madeleine's Birth-11

Updated – Sorry that some of you had such trouble with the pictures. I wasn’t able to access flickr in the hospital so I hosted the pictures with google (bad idea I guess). I fixed the problem now and I hope you can all see the pictures!

4 thoughts on “Pictures of Madeleine Gail

  1. Congratulations on the new baby!!! I’m glad everything went well and super cute girl. By the way I was reading a little down the page and I totally agree about people staring and making comments when your about to pop. What are they thinking????

  2. I LOVE THE NAME YOU GUYS PICKED!! I can’t wait to see her when you get your flickr on! So exciting! Congratulations!!! Hope Julie is well, and that recovery is fast!

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