Last Minute Thoughts

Well, it’s 11:30pm and I’m not quite ready to go to bed yet, so I decided to do a list of the things that have been on my mind in preparation for the big day.

1-For those of you who don’t know, I’m getting induced at 6:30am Monday morning. I’m kind of bummed about this, because I was induced with Nate and really wanted to just “let it happen” this time. Just seems a little easier for me and the baby. But my doctor seems to think that the delivery will go much better if I do it a little early. He wanted me to do it last Monday, but I opted to wait another week. I have been so sore this pregnancy. I carry really low and it’s been painful to walk and do just about anything for the last 5 months! So needless to say, I’m ecstatic to start feeling better soon. Plus, I can’t even go into public without endless stares and multiple comments on my huge belly. It just amazes me that complete strangers will actually come up to me and make stupid, rude comments. This happens, literally, at least 3 times a day and it’s getting REALLY old.

2-I’m really annoyed at the designers of strollers, especially double strollers. Who are these people? Obviously people without children. Nate’s really active and only 2, so if I ever want to get out of the house, I need something I can strap both of my kids into. Why is it that every stroller has huge flaws? Like the fact most of them are 47 pounds!! That’s just ridiculous!! What mom wants to push around a 6 foot long, fifty pound behemoth and lift that thing into her trunk?? We did find one I sort of liked, until the saleslady told us that it only fits into SUVs. There is the option of a side-by-side stroller which are smaller and lighter, but they barely fit through doorways and store aisles. The last option is the “Sit-and-Stand” where the carseat fits in the front spot and the toddler sits or stands on the back of the stroller. First, that would mean the toddler faces backwards, and what toddler wants to do that? Second, the front seat only sits straight up, so the baby has to be in the infant seat attachment, or old enough to have excellent posture. The seat back also juts into the toddler area, making it so he has to lean forward. Plus, no real seat belt to keep him in place. Yeah, great idea… Why don’t the designers talk to real parents and get some innovation going here? I still have no idea how I’m going go anywhere…

4-I’m wondering how Nate is going to do with his new sister. I think he’ll be super excited at first because he loves babies. But once he realizes he’s not the only thing in the center of our universe anymore, he may get a little testy. We bought him a new toy (a tool box/bench) to distract him a little and we will be trying really hard to spend some one-on-one time with him. We’ll also enlist his help with the new baby, so hopefully that’ll help.

5-I’m apprehensive about starting all this baby stuff over again. Having Nate was such a huge adjustment for us and he wasn’t the easiest-going baby. I really felt like it took a good 6 months to start getting a handle on things. And now here I am with a new little personality to learn. Granted, in many ways it won’t be near as hard because I’ll have an idea what I’m doing this time. But every child is so different and now I’ll have TWO to keep track of which means double the work. But, of course, double the fun and love, too. I just need to focus on that part!

Geez, that sure was a rant, wasn’t it? Well, at least it’s now (hopefully) off my mind and I’ll be able to sleep. Wish us luck! We’ll let you know how everything goes.

2 thoughts on “Last Minute Thoughts

  1. I guess today is the big day then? I hope all goes well. I totally feel for you Julie! When I’ was pregnant with my daughter, I WAS HUGE!!! People said stupid stuff to me all the time…I’m not shy so I wopuld just tell them how rude and stupid they were…what can I say…I’m a diplomat. I refuse to even buy strollers. I put my kids in carts, or rent one when I get to the mall. If we are at the park, I just take my chances…someday, there will be a good one out there! Good luck! Me and Melanie surfed your site the other day- we are excited for you guys!

  2. We hear ya sister! What ever happened to it takes a village to raise a child? Where is the rest of the village in the middle of the night? We love you guys! You are in our prayers.

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