San Francisco – Day Two – Alcatraz

So what is it like to be in America’s most feared federal prison at night? Let’s just say that it didn’t bolster my desire to become a convict! As we approached the island I was quite struck by the rough appearance of the island. There were not shores and nice beaches. The shores of the island were etched away by hand (I think this was first done by military prisoners before it was a federal prison).

San Francisco - Day Two - Alcatraz-6

I felt an eerie and disconcerting feeling as we cruise around the island to the dock. The structures were so worn down and drab. I can’t imagine taking a similar cruise as a future resident of Alcatraz! 

Being there at night was incredible.  A multitude of extra activities is available during this time so I encourage everyone to take the night tour if the opportunity presents itself.  Fewer people, more activities, increase ambiance, need I say more? 

We learned that a large group of Native Americans claimed the island as Indian lands and lived there for a while before being removed by US Marshals.  The National Park Service has a good web page on that movement.

I was really excited to photograph Alcatraz and Julie was kind enough to let me shoot all these pictures, Thanks Julie! I think that these pictures really speak for themselves so I hope you enjoy them.  I took particular care to maintain the “feel” of the place so pay attention to their treatment.

3 thoughts on “San Francisco – Day Two – Alcatraz

  1. Those shots are great. I especially love the first one of Julie. That definitely needs to be framed.Alcatraz looks crazy scary.

  2. Those are awesome pictures! I really enjoyed them! I have wanted to go there for some time now. I think that from your pictures I would like to go there at night! Thanks for sharing!

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