San Francisco Babymoon–Day 2

Our second day we took a bus tour (I’m not usually a big fan of bus tours, but due to my condition and not wanting to rent a car, we thought this the best option) to the Muir Redwood Grove about a half hour north of San Francisco. It had been raining quite a bit so the ground was saturated, the river flowed deeply, and the trees were soaked. It was such a beautiful place!! It was very serene and humbling to look up and see how tall and to know how old those redwoods are. We loved our visit there.

Then the tour went to Sausalito, a small, Mediterranean-like town across the bay. There wasn’t much there and it was chilly, but still a nice stop. We also got to see quite a bit of the city of San Francisco as we drove around on the tour bus.

Next we did the “Alcatraz at Night” tour but Rob’s still working on those pictures. He took a ton and wants to sort through play “artiste” before posting them for all the world to see. So we’ll put those up later.

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