San Francisco Babymoon

We heard the term “babymoon” a while ago and thought it was an ingenius idea (not the word, since honeymoon comes after the wedding, it seems a babymoon would come after the baby. But, hey, who cares?). Anyway, we decided that instead of going on a little vacation later in the year, while trying to juggle a toddler and a newborn, Rob and I would go away for the weekend for the first time since our crazy little son was born. Afterall, it’ll be the last chance for quite some time, so we thought be better take advantage of it.

Since we couldn’t stay more than two nights and didn’t want to spend too much money or too much time flying somewhere, we decided on a weekend in San Francisco. It was perfect!!

We flew in Friday evening, the 25th of January and stayed at The Palace Hotel. It was stunning and in the perfect location which is what I needed since I can’t walk a lot. We rested, got dressed up, had dinner, and then went to catch the cable car in the rain. While we were waiting at the stop (in the middle of the road), a car drove in front of us and hit a big puddle. We were hit with a wall of water, soaking us! Then, 10 seconds later, a car drove behind us and splashed the back of us! It was hilarious and just like a scene out of a movie. We laughed quite a bit over it. We went to The Top of the Mark, a jazz lounge on the top floor of the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill overlooking the city. It was so nice to be out as a couple on a real date. We ordered an an $11 strawberry colada and an $11 hot chocolate. We listened to the great band and enjoyed being in each other’s company. It was expensive, but a very fun and romantic night out. Then we rode the cable car back down in the rain. I thought it was beautiful and terribly romantic, but I guess Rob was just worried the whole time about me falling and getting sick.

I also endured many comments on my very pregnant belly. Everyone thinks I’m having twins or am due any time. But I’m not. At the time, I still had TWO months to go!! I was a total novelty there, like no one had ever seen a pregnant woman before! One lady got up told me that she was so happy and proud of me for “getting out there and actually doing it.” Another lady just stared at it for a minute and then asked, “Is that real?!” Those are just two of the many, many comments I received over the course of the 3 days we were there. Very, very odd. It’s a good thing I was on vacation and in a good mood, or I would’ve been terribly annoyed.

Well, that was our first day. Two more days to come. Stay tuned!

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