December 2007–Part 1

December was such a busy month, as it is every year with an anniversary, a baby’s birthday, and Christmas all packed into the same week! But we had tons of fun. The 17th was our 5th wedding anniversary!! We were thinking about all the amazingly fun memories we have together over that short span. We’ve moved a bunch of times around the valley, gone on lots of trips, both graduated from college, and are expecting our 2nd baby! WHEW!! I wonder what memories the next 5 years will bring…

In order to celebrate the big 5, we had Nate stay at his grandparent’s house so that we could actually stay out after 8pm. That alone was pretty cool. We went shopping at Trolley Square, visited the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, had a URS work Christmas party to attend, and then made an appearance at another party given by a friend in the ward. It was all really fun.

Here are a few pictures from that day and a few of Nate driving (and crashing) Lighting McQueen. Isn’t Rob the most handsome man ever?! And Nate the cutest boy ever?! Man, I’m one lucky girl!!

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