Thanksgiving Festivities

Well here it is (the last few days of December) and I’m just getting around to posting pictures. Julie’s sister Lisa and her husband Rodney were in town and it was nice to visit with them. (Unfortunately I had the camera set at ISO 1600 so most of the pictures were just too grainy to post here! grrrr!!!). My sister Breanna and her husband Gene were also in town (I had the camera setting right this time) so we got lots of good pictures!


We are very thankful for family, friends, memories, and the peace that the gospel brings into our lives.  We hope you had a great and reflective Thanksgiving, remember your many blessings, and carry those feelings with you into the new year.

Here are the Thanksgiving pictures and the rest of the pictures from November.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Thanksgiving Festivities

  1. Nathan looks like he is having a great time sitting at the head of the thanksgiving table. I have tried the wet head look also. It is very cool look. M&DS

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