Chicago to Connecticut

We actually did make it all the way to Connecticut! Nate was such a trooper. We really were blessed in the way that he didn’t scream the entire trip like we had feared so much.

Continuing with the story…we went into downtown Chicago for a few hours and loved it! First we went to the Sears Tower which was cool. It was nice to be so high and to get such a great view of the city and Lake Michigan. The only bad thing was that we were there for a little more than an hour and it cost $30 to go to the top and $30 in parking!!! Outrageous!


Then we walked through the financial district and ate lunch. Rob and I both love city living and it was so fun to walk along the busy streets full of skyscrapers and pedestrians and cars and all the sights and sounds that go along with them. It just makes you feel so energized and in the middle of all the action. We ate at a cool place called Potbelly’s and had some good eats with the locals.

We continued our walk through the city down to Millenium Park along the Magnificent Mile. There is such amazing archetecture there! It was really fun to practice our photography skills with such interesting subjects. The Chicago skyline is also very beautiful.

After Chicago we kept driving until Youngstown, Ohio where we stayed for the night and then made it to Connecticut the next day. Finally! It took us five days, but we made it!

After all the craziness of the trip, we are glad to be home with our family and familiarity of Utah. We’ll get more pictures posted in the coming weeks. So check back!

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