Yet More Pictures

This is a continuation of a previous post where I put up a ton of photos. We have taken a lot more and some (very few actually) of them were taken with our new Nikon D40. We are very excited about the new camera because it will allow us to take better pictures as home, take more pictures for our families, and take more artistic pictures.

It has been really strange to take work with the pictures from our new camera and then to edit some older pictures taken with our L6! The pictures from the new camera look sooooo much better.

Similar to the previous post, I’ll go through a few sets of pictures to get us up to date (well, almost).

Near the end of June we took Nate to Lagoon for our ward lagoon day. We had lunch in the pioneer village and Nate had a fun time running around there.  We got some ice cream, played around the town, checked out the toy train museum (Nate loved this).  Then we went on the Lagoon train ride and had a really fun time! Nate saw a bunch of animals and the engineer let him touch the train! Then we decided to try Nate on the merry-go-round and that didn’t to too well. After just a moment he started feeling queasy and we had to move him to an animal that didn’t move up and down!

In September on a nice Saturday morning we took Nate to the Tracy Aviary. The aviary is a lot better than I remember; it looks quite updated. We saw lots of cool birds including a condor, eagles, hawks, waking birds, and even jumping birds! The main attraction at the aviary is the bird show (which we didn’t see) and the parrot encounter (we elected to do this instead). Nate had such an amazing time at the encounter. He was a little nervous at first when the birds started landing on his head and eating the fruit from his hand but he got used to it quickly had had a blast! Unfortunately, the batteries in our L6 died and we didn’t get any pictures! AHAHAHAHAHAH! We’ll try again.

The following weekend Julie & I went camping at the Granite Flats Campground near Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon. We went up right after work and luckily found a good camping spot. Julie is the master fire-starter in the family so we decided that I should try this time. I had a really hard time keeping the fire going! We wondered if the wood was still a little wet or something. Finally we got it really going, then proceeded to cook some awesome hotdogs over the fire (Nathan’s Brand)! We cooked some marshmallows and made s’mores.

The next morning we got up early and took the hike to Timpanogos Cave! Julie is pregnant but still made it up with no problem! The cave was really interesting and we took some cool pictures that all look the same.  It isn’t really something that you can capture photographically.  We did have a very nice time though.  The weather was very nice.  We were there early enough that it was not too hot and the trail was not crowded at all.

A few Saturdays back, Julie took Nate and I to a cool playground in fruit heights called Castle Heights (this is funny because our downtown apartment building had the same name)!  This is the playground of all playgrounds!  It was designed by children fro children and it is a giant castle!  They even have a toddler area made just for kids of that age!  I basically don’t have anything bad to say about this place.  Here is a map.

There are a few more random shots that we have added to the September Photo Set.  We wanted to try out our new camera so we went to the backyard with a ball and had a good time!


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