Recent Pictures

It has come to my attention (thanks to Julie) that I have a bunch of pictures from the summer that either didn’t make it to Flickr or were not referenced here on the blog.  This post should remedy that and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

For the 4th of July we invited my parents up to dinner and for some early fireworks (so Nate could see them).  We had a good meal at Cafe Rio followed by some fun at Layton City Park (great park by the way).  During the day, my parents mentioned that I hated fireworks when I was little and they predicted that Nate would act the same way.  Sure enough, when it came time to start the fireworks, we started slowly with some smoke bombs.  Nate was a little nervous for the first one or two but he liked them.  The next two got a little crazy and did some spinning and Nate did not approve of that; he started crying like crazy and saying, “no, no.”  Being undeterred I decided just to try a small fountain but the crying just got worse.  Anyway, it was a fun day!

A few days before the 4th we went up Logan Canyon for Nate’s first camping trip.  We were well prepared and felt somewhat confident that we would last the night.  After setting up camp we walked down to the Logan River (about 100 feet away from the campsite) where Nate played for hours!  He had a great time playing in the warm sun and cold river!   We set Nate up in his port-a-crib and checked his temperature throughout the night to make sure he was ok.  Sure enough, we all made it though the night and Nate’s first camping trip!  Go Nate!

On July 17th my office company party was held at Wheeler Farm.  We had a good time and the food was also very good.  My office has a band called Deadline Effect and we played at the party.  It was really funny and here are a couple of pictures from the show.  LOL!  I try to figure out how to post video here when I get a chance.

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