Living with a Pregnant Wife

Julie is a very fun person to be around.  She is smart, funny, and can even be silly from time to time.  When she is pregnant things tend to get a little more interesting.  She is still smart (although pregnancy brain does occur from time to time), even more funny, and still very silly from time to time.  The most interesting part of watching Julie cope with pregnancy is frustration with food.  This excerpt from her journal is very typical of her daily struggle with finding something that sounds palatable and desire to eat something that really satisfies. 

I’ve been craving the Desert Edge Brewery’s Szechwan Chicken Pasta Salad and Parisienne Eclairs like freaking mad!!  I start to daydream about them until I salivate and my stomach rumbles.  I sure hope to be able to satisfy those cravings one day.  It just drives me crazy!

Thankfully, Julie is going to be eating with a friend of hers at the brewery mentioned above next week!  The parisienne eclairs will have to wait another year when we hope to take advantage of Delta’s planned direct flight to Paris out of SLC international!  Hold on Julie!

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