Big, Big, News!!!!

We are ready to announce to the world (the two people that read this blog) that we are expecting our second child in March! We are very excited to welcome another baby into our home and Nate is excited to finally have a sibling! To further add to the big news, my sister is also expecting her first child in March! We are very excited for them (Breanna & Gene) as well.

Once again the Snow family blog will buzz with information about babies! We’ll share pictures and experiences along the way so get ready for a fun ride!

4 thoughts on “Big, Big, News!!!!

  1. Congrats!! Wow! Breanna is pregnant. That is so great! Tell her congrats for me to if you can. DiVina

  2. Thanks for your comments! Freak Yeah! If you are ever in the area feel free to drop by to visit and drop off the “exclusive” book. Since I posted that note I have learned that up to 3 people read this blog so that is pretty cool!

  3. I’m excited, but as you know, I’m not exactly an overly-bubbly excited type of person so I don’t know what to say. But freak that is cool. (I guess I’ll say that.) I should loan you my baby name book. This version is better than the first one because I’ve highlighted the names I like. Haha. I’ve gotta go upstairs and tell Mom.And am I one of the two people?(Forgive the lateness of my reaction; I haven’t been on the computer for weeks.)

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