Site Updated

I have been thinking of updating the site for a few weeks now.  The old site was starting to look too old and I didn’t really like how some of the page elements came together. 

I have been thinking of what template I want to use and about adding another sidebar.  I finally decided to go with one of the normal Blogger templates but I wanted to add another sidebar on the left side of the page so I could include more content near the top of the page.

Added an new Flickr badge in the left sidebar and also a gadget showing some of the stuff that I have found interesting from the web compliments of Google Reader (my current feed reader, it is very nice). 

Those are the main changes for now and we’ll see if I adapt anything else.  I also plan to continue with the travel blog (see link in right sidebar) here in the near future and I’ll let you know when I get a new post up.

2 thoughts on “Site Updated

  1. The new look is great!I love the new sidebar! Will you teach me how to put one up? Also, I’m just barely starting to use could you give me some user tips for that? I think I remember that it was you that used to use it a bit. Also- Let’s get together some time soon!

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