Tragedy and Virginia Polytechnic

If you haven’t heard about this yet please check a national news site and get the details.  It is so sad to hear this news and it is such a cold and callous thing to do.  Who knows what the shooter’s motives were but it just makes me so sad and I really feel for the people that are involved. 

This really does affect me because I’m on a college campus four days a week and I’ve never felt unsafe there.  The thought has never even crossed my mind that I might not be safe at school.  A school is a sanctuary of learning where we shouldn’t have to deal with this sort of cruelty.  The people on that campus will have a very difficult time getting over this when they were only seeking to better themselves and prepare for their future.

Anyway, I give my condolences and prayers to the people that are affected by this miserable tragedy. 

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