Family at the Park

We all went to the park on Sunday afternoon because it was just beautiful outside!  We had fun on the playground, chased birds, rollerbladed, and used the new toddler backpack.  We had a great time and Nate really loved it all.  It is so much fun to see him explore the world around him. 

Here I go

Here is a pictures of Nate going down the slide wearing his cool sunglasses.

I see them Mom Ooooooooooh, Birds I'm going to catch them mom

Here are a few pictures of Nate chasing the seagulls, they we his favorite thing at the park by far!  He was so funny, he was always looking for them and even saw one on the top of a light post!

Julie by Her New Car Julie By Her New Car 2

We finally took a few pictures of Julie’s new Hyundai Elantra!  We bought that car last year but never took a picture of it!  Julie really loves this car and it is one sweet ride.

Rob Blades 2 Blades Close-up

Here I am wearing my Solomon rollerblades.  Julie picked these out for me last summer and I think they are just awesome.  They are so comfortable and speedy!  Thanks Julie!

Trying out the new carrier

This is a picture of Nate and me while wearing the new toddler backpack.  We picked this up last week in preparation for our trip to Puerto Vallarta this coming weekend!

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