When I started this whole project I didn’t think that I would need to do any plumbing.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think about it because Julie and I had already chosen new hardware for the tub and shower!  It took my dad and I two days to put the stupid manifold together without any leaks!!!!  It was a really crazy weekend that included going one night without water because home depot closed before we could get the part we needed!  Anyway, most of the soldering went really well but when it came time to connect the last piece we always sprang a leak in one of the elbows.  We put that stupid thing back together like three time with no success until we finally decided to use galvanized steel and compression tubing and be done with it.  Why we didn’t do this in the first place, I have no idea?  It only took us like 15 minutes to repair the problem that we were having and then we were up and running. 

Plumbing Close Up

Before we started on the plumbing we had quite a time with the new tub.  Our new tub was freaking heavy.  It took all the effort that my boss, elders quorum president, and I could muster to get it upstairs.  We got it into the bathroom and then it took the three of us, including my dad who showed up to help, about two hours to get it into place!!!!!  That tub was freaking heavy!

So things are going much better now and we’ve made a ton of progress but you’ll have to wait for more information!  Oh and I updated the remodeling group so check out the new pictures.

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