Nate and Doritos

Nate in Pile of Doritos

One day I was sitting on the couch while Nate was playing.  I heard a weird noise so I went into the kitchen where Nate had gotten into the slightly opened pantry and pulled all the food within his reach down.  He’d decided to try Doritos! He actually really liked them, contrary to the last picture in this set.

3 thoughts on “Nate and Doritos

  1. Hi DiVina. It is good to hear from you and thanks for the comment about Nate. He really is adorable, cute, and amazing. We are so proud of him. I encourage you to set up a blog outside of MySpace. My space has got to have the worst user interface of all time. If you have any questions about what blogging service to use or how to tweak your site just let me know. Good luck and thanks for checking in.

  2. Hey Rob, This is DiVina. I log on from time to time to check out new pictures of your adorable son! He sure is a cute kid! I am thinking of getting one of these little blogging sites up and running. I have myspace with my fiance but myspace is so….myspace you know. Well I am glad to see all is well. DiVina

  3. He is one cute kid! Hey thanks for your help the other day Rob! You got the painting done that Trev didn’t want to do! You rock! And thanks Julie for letting us borrow your husband for an evening!

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