3 thoughts on “New Nate Pictures

  1. Do you like how I’m online at 4:42 AM? I know you do. Everyone that cares for my health does. Same number. And you’re still a nerd. You don’t do the cover-up cough after you’ve stated something outright. And in any case, that statement isn’t the kind that one would cover-up with a cough. That would be the kind that the accused would cover up i.e. “(cough) wanted one (cough)”. Maybe it’s the time or the fact that I’m learning three languages simultaneously at 4 in the morning or maybe I’m just naturally Woody Allen-esque but your nerdiness is making me nervous. I’m gonna go to bed. Oyasumi, Bon soir, Buenos noches, God natt, Buonanotte, and so forth.

  2. Hi Ellen, long time no talk huh! Julie tried to call your mom a while ago and we never heard back. And I think you should be able to post as an anonymous user but admit it, you really wanted a blogger account anyway right? (cough cough). Obviously don’t post a phone number or email address here but does your mom still have the same phone number? Let us know and we’ll drop you a line. Thanks for tracking us down.

  3. Hello. My name is Ellen. Haha. I was hoping I’d have something clever to say, but alas- No such luck. So, I was thinking, I haven’t met Nate. And I helped name him. Somewhat. I find this very offensive. I also find it offensive that I had to dig my password up for livejournal to find you guys and THEN had to get a dummy account just to comment you. But if Mom and I can see Nate, I might forget all that.

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