So when I was a kid my dad told me that when the continents were all connected that it was called Gondwanaland.  I thought that I was pretty cool and smart.  Years later in elementary school the teacher asked what the name of the land mass was when all the continents were stuck together.  I was so excited and I raised my hand and said, “Gondwanaland!”  Much to my dismay the teacher said that was incorrect!  All the kids laughed at me and I was really embarrassed.  I mean let’s face it, it does sort of sound funny!  I was like no it’s not!  Anyway, I was troubled by that experience for some time. 

So the other day Julie was doing her homework for one of her classes – Natural Disasters – and she said to me, have you ever heard of Gondwanaland.  I was so excited when I heard her say that!  So I asked her what it was and told her that I had definitely heard of it!  So Gondwanaland is actually the name of the southern supercontinent after Pangea split.  For your information the northern supercontinent was called Laurasia.

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