10 Reasons that Soccer is the Best Sport

So I’m pretty annoyed to hear everyone talk about why soccer is such a boring, dumb, silly, wimpy, and slow sport. I have prepared a list of my top ten reasons that soccer is the best sport in the world. I hope you all find these informative.

  1. I like it
  2. The World Cup is an international competition not just U.S. teams playing against other U.S. teams and proclaiming themselves as world champions.
  3. It is more athletic than other sports – more running, larger field, no timeouts.
  4. The players must play the entire game – if they sub out they cannot come back in.
  5. Soccer shorts and soccer legs – as submitted enthusiastically by Julie.
  6. No set plays
  7. Short people have the advantage over tall people because speed and agility triumph over height and coverage.
  8. No pads allowed – real men play this sport!
  9. Yellow and Red cards are so much cooler than sissy flags!
  10. The last 10 minutes of the game doesn’t take 40 in real time!

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